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Our Japanese-style inn is located along the "Settsukyo Gorge", one of Osaka's most famous scenic areas. Japan's four seasons are imprinted on the abundant nature that surrounds our inn.

Our location is perfect for experiencing the beauty of Japan. In spring (from around the end of March to the beginning of April) approximately 3000 cherry blossom trees are in full bloom, and in autumn (around November) the clear stream is colored by beautiful autumn leaves.

Furthermore, we are located within a 60-minute drive from some of Kansai's most popular tourist destinations, including Dotonbori and Universal Studios in Osaka, and Arashiyama and Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto. International guests are especially pleased with our convenient location.

About Sansuikan

Sansuikan's appeal can be put down to our outdoor hot springs, which overlook the abundant nature of the Settsukyo Gorge and the beautiful mountain stream which runs through it, and our wide variety of delicious cuisine created with Japanese ingredients.

Please spend an entire day of your trip enjoying our inn's charm.

Staying at a Japanese-style inn

A Japanese-style inn, or ryokan, is a type of accommodation that is unique to Japan.

Services provided at a Japanese-style inn differ from hotels in many different ways.

There may be some things that are hard for you to understand about Japanese-style inns at first, but please be sure to experience staying at one while you are in Japan.

Please enjoy a relaxing time that can not be had at a hotel.

  1. POINT.1Reservations
    Sansuikan has a reservation system in four different languages. Please make your reservation by clicking on the button below.


  2. POINT.2Transfers
    A free shuttle bus operates between our inn and JR "Takatsuki" Station from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. There are also other modes of public transport available, so please check offcial websites for detailed information.
    Our shuttle bus stops near the Bank of Kyoto, which is located across the road from the front entrance on the ground floor of the Seibu Department Store
  3. POINT.3Check in
    Upon entering our inn we will have you take off your shoes. Our staff will also wipe the wheels of any luggage you may have. After entering the inn, please check in at the front desk located on the right. After that we will show you to your room.
    1. 1. Present passports,
    2. 2. Sign necessary forms,
    3. 3. Listen to an explanation on outdoor hot spring times,
    4. 4. Listen to an explanation on breakfast times for the following morning etc. We have information in English for your peace of mind.
  4. POINT.4Yukatas
    Yukatas, or informal cotton kimonos, are placed in your room for you to change into and wear during your stay. Please use them when going to the hot springs, inside the inn, or when going for a walk near the inn. Our staff will be happy to assist you putting your yukata on.
  5. POINT.5Hot springs
    Our inn has a variety of baths for you to enjoy, including rustic outdoor hot springs, large public baths, and private baths that can be reserved. The spring water of our hot springs is said to be some of the highest quality spring water in the Kansai area. Please relax and relieve any tiredness you may have from your travels. Depending on the time of day, the outdoor hot springs are for men or women only, so please check the times when you check in. Also, please wash off with the hot water provided before entering the hot springs.
3-2-2,Oazahara,Takatsuki-city,Osaka 569-1051,Japan